This page will walk you through troubleshooting steps with Looking Glass Bridge.

Note that you must uninstall HoloPlay Service before installing Looking Glass Bridge.

Previous Versions

There may be cases when using older Looking Glass software or displays where HoloPlay Service is required. If you are using current generation displays or software, you should always default to using Looking Glass Bridge. The Latest version of Looking Glass Bridge is available here.

HoloPlay Service:

Version 1.2.6

Looking Glass Bridge:

Version 2.3.7
Version 2.3.3
Version 2.3.2
Version 2.3.0
Version 2.2.0
Version 2.1.0
Version 2.0.9
Version 2.0.6


Uninstalling HoloPlay Service from Windows systems.

To uninstall HoloPlay Service open your settings application. Then type add or remove programs into the search bar.

After that, select HoloPlay Service from the app selection menu and click uninstall.

Now you can successfully install Looking Glass Bridge.

Log File Locations

You can find log files in the following directory

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Looking Glass\Bridge 2.0.9\logs\


Uninstalling HoloPlay Service on MacOS systems.

Open finder and navigate to your Macintosh HD, you can do this by right clicking the main heading in the finder window, as shown below.

Go to your Library folder, then the Application Support folder, then the Looking Glass Factory folder, and finally, HoloPlay Service.

Once you're in that folder, double click on the uninstall script. This will open a terminal window where you'll be prompted to input your password.

Once you do this, the uninstall script will remove HoloPlay Service from your system and you'll be able to install Looking Glass Bridge properly.

Opening Looking Glass Bridge

To open Looking Glass Bridge you can search for it via spotlight, by hitting CMD + Space, or by opening your Launchpad, and searching for Looking Glass Bridge there. Once Looking Glass Bridge is open, it should show up on your Mac's menu bar, like so.

If you have a Looking Glass device connected Looking Glass Bridge will automatically detect it and you'll be able to start using your Looking Glass!

Log File Locations

You can find log files in the following directory

~/Library/Application Support/Looking Glass/Bridge X.X.X/logs/

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