Samsung Portrait Mode

Page made possible by contributions from @Boris-Schneider-Johne on the Looking Glass Discord Server

Note: Portrait Mode photos on the Samsung S20 need to be taken with the Rear Camera. Portrait Photos taken on the front cameras do not save the depth map.

Taking Portrait Mode Photos

To create a photograph with a depth map, you need to set the camera to portrait mode. Other modes do not save the extra info. Portrait Mode photos are usually twice as large as usual as they do store both the "normal" photograph, the photograph with blurred background/bokeh and the depth map (low resolution).

To quickly find all the photographs you have taken with a depth map, open the "Gallery" App (the Samsung Gallery to be precise. Google Photos or other Gallery maps do not work). Scroll down to select by "shot type". Select "Portrait".

(If you are using a non-english phone, this might be mistranslated. In German this is called "Hochformat" in the app which is a wrong translation).

You get a list of all photos with depth maps. Select the ones you want to use and then use the three dot menu to copy them to an album (which really is a folder on your phone). Take you favorite way to get data from your phone to your PC and get the files from this folder.

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