Display Settings on Linux

Much like Windows and MacOS it is important to set the proper display settings in order for your Looking Glass to work properly. The settings UI may vary based on what Linux Distro you're running, but the general settings should remain the same across distros. Your Looking Glass must be set to 100% Scaling, and be showing as the correct resolution and orientation. It should also be set to extended mode, on Ubuntu this is worded as "Join Displays".
The table below will show the correct resolution for your Looking Glass.
Display Resolution
Looking Glass Portrait
Looking Glass 16"
Looking Glass 32" or 65"
Note that for Looking Glass Portrait , even though the display is named "Portrait" the correct orientation is the standard "landscape" orientation in display settings.

Display Adapters

If your computer only has USB-C output you'll need a display adapter to connect the HDMI or DisplayPort cable to your Looking Glass. For Looking Glass Portrait, we usually recommend adapters from Anker.
If you need a different display adapter ensure that it supports at minimum 4K@30hz for use with the Looking Glass Portrait and Looking Glass 16".
A display adapter that doesn't support 4K @ 30hz will not work with your Looking Glass Portrait or 16".
For the Looking Glass 32" or 65" you must plugin both Display port cables to your computer. We generally recommend using a desktop computer with a power Nvidia graphics card for these systems. For more information please see the Looking Glass user guide for the 32" or 65".