๐ŸŽ‰Making great holograms

Whether you're making holograms with depth photos, or using digital tools like Blender or Unity, there are a few guidelines that can help make your holograms stand out from the crowd.

Working with your medium

It's important to understand the differences between certain hologram formats. Depth photos are great at bringing specific moments into 3D, but don't capture effects like reflections and can't show data behind other objects.

Quilts and light fields on the other hand are great at capturing full scenes but usually aren't as fast as a taking a quick photo. Both methods have the potential to make some amazing holograms though, the key is capturing with intent and knowing what tool is best for the job.

Bringing your holograms into focus

Just like how photographers focus their cameras on their subjects, you'll need to choose what to focus on in your hologram. Looking Glass displays have a single fixed focal plane, meaning that objects will appear clearest at a single point, and objects that are in front of or behind the focal plane will actually feel 3D.

In Blocks, this will be the point the object will appear to be fixed to. Here are a few examples showing some Blocks with different focal planes.

Examples of great holograms

Below, we've organized some of our favorite holograms below and dig into what makes them great. You can use these as guides to creating your own.

Holograms from the real world

Using light fields, NeRFs, photogrammetry and other methods are great ways to capture objects in the real world as holograms. Learn more about capturing holograms in the real world here:

๐ŸŒŽpageHolograms in the real world

This hologram of Missy was captured on an iPhone X with the portrait mode feature. Portrait mode photos capture a depth map in addition to the normal photo and allow the photo to be pulled into 3D.

Holograms from our community

Winter Robin Bird by Nael

Nael really takes advantage of the focal plane by placing a window right in front of it, this provides a lot of parallax and really makes it feel like the bird is on the other side of the window. Be sure to check out the animated version of this hologram on Nael's porfolio site.

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