Looking Glass Documentation

Welcome to the Looking Glass User Guide. This guide aims to provide all the information you need to use your Looking Glass.
For Tutorials, Videos & Getting Started with Looking Glass Portrait, please check out our Learn Hub.

Looking Glass Systems

For general setup and configuration information checkout the following pages.
For Gen1 Looking Glass devices like Looking Glass 8.9" and Looking Glass 15.6" and the original Looking Glass 8K Gen1, see the 1st Generation Looking Glass section.

Key Concepts

This section contains documentation for some of the key concepts you'll want to learn about to design content or experience for Looking Glass Holographic Interfaces, like camera capture, Quilt images, & capturing Light Fields.

3D Viewers

We provide a series of applications that act as viewers of holographic content. Including Looking Glass Studio, A robust application that can render quilts, RGB-Ds, iPhone & Android Portrait Photos and Light Field Photosets directly to your Looking Glass. 3D model importer allows you to import 3D models saved as GLTF or OBJ directly onto your Looking Glass. This section also contains documentation on 3D Slicer, a popular open-source medical imaging application, and Paraview, which allows researchers studying complex 3D fields like computational fluid dynamics, climate science, aerodynamic design, and materials science can now visualize and analyze their complex 3D data holographically as they work.

Artist Tools

The Artist Tools category includes documentation for our Open-Source Blender Add-on, Diorama, a unique holographic collage app that allows you to add extra flare to your depth photos. Depth Recorder, which allows you to record holographic video messages with a Microsoft Azure Kinect, and Depth Kit, which allows you to create high fidelity recordings in Unity with the Azure Kinect.

Developer Tools

Our Developer Tools section contains all the documentation for our Unity & Unreal implementations, as well as our Three.js implementation & VTK. If you want to create an interactive application on your Looking Glass this is where you'll want to start.

Software Code Redemption & Previous Products

For information on software redemptions, or legacy hardware/software please visit the following pages.

Need Help?

Please feel free to contact us! We're here to help you at any stage of your holographic journey!
You can provide us with feedback or feature requests at our feedback forum or reach out to the team on discord!
If you're having issues with your Looking Glass or some of our software, you can check out our troubleshooting page or our support articles here. If those resources don't help solve your issue, please email us at [email protected] and fill out our bug reporting form.