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This guide will get you acquainted with the tools available for creating with the Looking Glass.

Setting up your Looking Glass

Before you start developing, you'll first need to set up your hardware.

Application Guides

To try the what others in the community have made, take a look at the App Library once you've set up the hardware.

Developer Docs

Tool Description
Unity icon The HoloPlay SDK for Unity is the tool we best support. Drop this asset into your scene to capture and display on your Looking Glass
three.js HoloPlay.js is the Looking Glass three.js library will help you display your three.js scene into the Looking Glass
C API The HoloPlay C/C++ API (beta) is for developers who have their own custom tools and would like a way to manually configure their software to generate Looking Glass content
Blender The Blender Add-on (beta) features live-display of the camera view in the image editor, an automatic render-setup for Cycles and the option to view rendered multi-view image sequences in the Looking Glass


Visit our website or the forum for more information.