Quilts are an image standard that Looking Glass uses to produce 3D experiences. This standard is used to describe both still and moving images (pictures and videos). Here is an example quilt picture:
Example quilt
Quilts serve a few purposes:
    to save and retrieve images displayed in a Looking Glass (similar to image & video screenshots for 2D monitors)
    as a compositing step in Looking Glass render pipelines found in our developer tools
    as a format to work against to manually produce lightfield photos / videos


Each tile in the quilt is a conventional 2D image of a scene. The bottom-left tile of the quilt (view 0) is the leftmost view of the scene, and the top-right tile is the rightmost, like so:
Quilt Format
This standard may be applied to any conventional image or video file type. The most common are jpg, png, gif, mp4, mov.

Quilt Settings by Device

Our different devices have the following quilt settings that are optimal for real-time rendering contexts:
    Looking Glass Portrait: 8 columns by 6 rows, 3360 by 3360
    Looking Glass 15.6": 5 columns by 9 rows, 4096 by 4096
    Looking Glass 8K: 5 columns by 9 rows, 8192 by 8192
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