๐ŸงŠ3D Design Guidelines

The 3D Design Guidelines are a resource to help you design and build jaw-dropping 3D experiences. They contain the most helpful tips and tricks we've discovered over the years building and reviewing countless Looking Glass apps.

As "hologram development" is a relatively new field, these guidelines are by no means an exhaustive list, so we expect this document to evolve as we continue to learn.

NOTE: this guide is tailored to developing in Unity. That said, all the principles covered in this guide apply in other development contexts, whether or not the implementation details are similar.


  • Scene Composition: How to compose a scene that takes advantage of the optical properties of the Looking Glass

  • Lighting: How to cleverly light your scene so that it pops into the third dimension

  • Materials and Textures: A review of properties that are important in creating the illusion of 3D

  • Post Processing: How to use post-processing and other camera effects

  • Performance: Benchmark information on when the illusion starts to break down

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