๐Ÿ“ธLightfield Photo App

Note: Lightfield Photo App is no longer being actively developed. Please instead see Looking Glass Studio, which supports many of the features of Lightfield Photo App.

(last updated July 2020, v1.2.0)

With the right data, the Looking Glass can present light field photos, or static 3D images. The Lightfield Photo App helps you view, edit, and manage these.

Download the Lightfield Photo App

If you discover any issues, please help us by reporting them to our GitHub issues page.

The Lightfield Photo App works with two light field formats, photosets and quilts.


A photoset is a series of photos that can be stitched together to form a 3D scene inside your Looking Glass. The app comes loaded with two sample photosets. Click on one of those examples to see it on your Looking Glass.

In addition to displaying the photoset on your Looking Glass, the app also presents controls in your 2D monitor. These controls allow you to perform actions on the photoset you're viewing.

Sample Photosets

If you don't have a photoset, you can download these as examples to try out:

Choose Photos

Selects the photos that belong in the photoset. This should only be used for new photosets, as applying to existing photosets will cause issues.

For photosets to work, each photo in the set should be:

  • of the same scene

  • pointing in the same direction

  • horizontally offset a regular amount between each photo

  • numbered sequentially, left to right

For the best results, select anywhere between 16 and 60 photos. Less than 16 will produce a poor image quality, and anything above 60 increases file size with diminishing returns.

Set Cropping

Opens a window that provides helps you frame and crop the photoset.

This window has the following controls:

  • Center View changes what is in view. Clicking and dragging the corners resizes the image, and dragging the rectangle around recenters the entire frame.

  • Focus changes the depth that the light field is focused on.

  • Reverse Image Order fixes the image if the images are loaded in right-to-left (by default the app expects images to be left-to-right)


Changes the name of the photoset. This name is displayed in the photoset collection page.

Save Quilt

Opens a file explorer to save a .jpg quilt. This saved quilt will adopt the current crop settings and will be ready to be shared with others to view in the Lightfield Photo App.


Removes the photoset from your collection.


A quilt is a single image file that combines many different perspectives into one Looking Glass experience. Compared to photosets, quilts are smaller in file size and easier to manage, but have an unchangeable crop and focus.

For a technical definition of the quilt standard, click here.

The Lightfield Photo App comes loaded with three sample quilts. Click on any of these examples to view.

While viewing a quilt in your Looking Glass, your main monitor will display a handful of actions you can perform on the quilt.

Choose Photo

Selects the photo to import as a quilt. This should only be used for new quilts, as applying to an existing quilt will cause issues.

Quilt Settings

Quilt settings are saved to metadata and loaded automatically with the exception of view inversion, which is considered non-standard.

  • Number of Views identifies the full count of images inside the quilt.

  • Columns identifies how many columns of images are in the quilt.

  • Rows identifies how many rows of images are in the quilt.

  • Applying Invert View will assume that the leftmost view is the top right-corner instead of the default bottom-left corner.


Changes the name of the quilt. This name is displayed in the quilt collection page.


Removes the quilt from your collection.

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