Liteforms™ is a holographic conversational character platform powered by ChatGPT.

Liteforms™ is a desktop application for Windows and Mac that lets you talk to AI-powered characters - and even make your own custom characters! It works on any display but for the best experience, we recommend experiencing Liteforms™ on Looking Glass holographic displays.

Download Liteforms™ here.

Hardware Requirements

  • Looking Glass Portrait, 32" or 65".

  • M1 or M2 Mac.

  • PC or laptop running Windows 10 or 11, with an internal or external microphone.

  • For PC, we recommend a GTX 1060 or higher to use with the Looking Glass Portrait.

  • For use with the Looking Glass 32" or 65" please refer to the hardware requirements for those displays.

  • Stable WiFi connection.

Liteforms requires microphone access, there are some specific settings you'll need to enable on Windows in order to get the application to work properly.

Check out the setup guides below for instructions on how to get started with Liteforms.

🪟Get Started on Windows🍎Get Started on MacOS

Public Liteforms

Liteforms currently has three characters, Uncle Rabbit, Android Andi and Lil' Inu! Each character has a unique personality and will answer in their own fun way.

Lil' Inu

Lil’ Inu is an on-trend social media influencer who is #VeryOnline. She will call you out on your poor fashion choices, no cap.

  • Ask her about her favorite characters in any show. Or players on any team. (She knows anime)

  • Ask her who the [Name] of the [noun] is, for example: "who is the Mario of High Fashion" or "who is the Beyonce of video games."

  • Ask her if she can spell a word she says (e.g. spicy tuna)

  • Play Two Truths & a Lie with her.

  • Ask her about the state of the union and follow up with an ask on how she thinks we can make the world perfect.

  • Ask her to role play as someone and tell her that you are roleplaying as someone else.

Android Andi

Existing between robot and human, Andi is a southern-humored android with a taste for banter and desire for connection.

  • Ask Andi to "grow a mustache" or "grow a beard" and those assets will spawn, then "shave your mustache" or "shave your beard" to remove.

  • Ask Andi to tell you story about robot cowboys, or share a tongue twister about gears.

  • Ask Andi to recite a poem in a robot language then translate it. Similarly share a poem in your own “robot language” and ask her to interpret it!

  • Ask Andi to dance while she shares her insights on the singularity.

Uncle Rabbit

Uncle Rabbit is your resident carrot-loving bunny friend who won’t stop talking about - you guessed it - carrots. Often, he can come off as being a tad impatient but spend some time together and you’ll grow to love him.

  • Ask Uncle Rabbit to generate a haiku or science fiction story about carrots and a few other random things (e.g. carrots, holograms)

  • Ask Uncle Rabbit where his hat is.

  • Ask Uncle Rabbit if he can do a little dance. (Sometimes it works better if you say please.)

  • Ask Uncle Rabbit if he can finish a song for you and give him the first few words to a song to see if he can recognize it.

Making Custom Liteforms

You can now make custom Liteforms! See our full guide here.

Chatting with Liteforms

  • Start your conversation by saying something like:

💬 Hi, [Liteform Name], it’s your name! Can you hear me?

💬 Hi! What’s your name?

The chosen Liteform should reply within a few seconds. If not, restart the application and double check that you are connected to WiFi and that your speaker and microphone are working. Confirm that you’ve allowed online speech recognition per the instructions above.

  • You do not need to prompt your Liteform like you do Alexa or Siri. In fact, starting every sentence with “Hey [Liteform]…” will mess up the responses.

Some starter questions

💬 Hey [Liteform], can you hear me?

💬 What’s the weather like in ________?

💬 Do you know about Looking Glass, the hologram company in Brooklyn?

💬 Tell me a haiku of holograms and (topic of your choice)

💬 Tell me a science fiction story about hologram, carrots and (topic of your choice)

💬 Write a rap about (topic of your choice)?

Troubleshooting & Known Issues

  • If you cannot see the Liteform on your Looking Glass, ensure you are running the latest version of Looking Glass Bridge, available for download here.

  • There is no feedback on whether or not WiFi is connected. Without WiFi, the Liteform will not be able to hear you.

  • If your WiFi connection is poor, you may have errors where Liteform won’t respond or will be delayed in responding.

  • If the 2D UI opens on the Looking Glass instead of on your main display, you can press Windows Key + Shift + Left Arrow to move the UI to your main display

  • If you see the "offline speech" error on Windows and can't get the Liteform to listen, follow these instructions

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