Convert any image into a hologram

Using the power of AI and some Looking Glass magic you can now turn any image into a hologram in just seconds. Give it a try at 🔗
Casting requires Looking Glass Bridge 2.3 or newer, make sure that Bridge 2.3 is running, and your Looking Glass is ready in desktop mode. Need help with Bridge? Check out this page here.
With Looking Glass Blocks you can now upload any 2D image and convert that into an awesome hologram to share, cast, or view on any internet connected device.

What images work best?

Photos with good contrast, high detail and lots of objects will come out great. Here are some examples of our favorites:
Illustrated Content
Close-up Nature
AI generated Images
Bryan & Antonia at the Unity XR meetup in NY!
The Holorama Hall, a vision of the holographic future!
Photo Credit: Anastasiia Malai

Uploading an image

Once you're signed in on, click the + in the top right corner. Then choose 3D Image from the create a hologram menu!
If you're brand new to Blocks you'll see a few other options to guide you through the platform.
3D Images is the option you'll want to select here, you can learn more about light fields on the next page.
After you've clicked 3D Image, drag and drop any supported image format onto the window, and you'll have a hologram within seconds!
The upload modal in blocks, drag & drop your images and you'll have holograms in a jiffy!
Once you've got your image uploaded, it'll take a few seconds to convert.

Casting your hologram

To view your hologram in your Looking Glass, make sure you have Bridge 2.3 running on your computer and that your Looking Glass is connected to your computer in desktop mode. Once you've got that set up, click the cast button and you'll see your hologram in your Looking Glass!

Editing your hologram

There are three options to edit your hologram, Depthiness, Focus, and Zoom
  • Depthiness changes how much depth your photo has.
  • Focus changes how it appears in a Looking Glass.
  • Zoom changes how much your photo is zoomed in.
A screenshot showing the edit interface for 3D Images.

Downloading your hologram

You can download your hologram by clicking the Download Assets button on the edit, manage or hologram pages and choosing the RGB-D option. To view your downloaded hologram, you can open it in Looking Glass Studio.
If you want to allow other users to download your hologram, click the enable downloads button!
The Edit panel for your hologram.
You can download the Source Image, RGB-D Pair or individual depth map via the download assets panel. RGB-D is what you'll want to use with Looking Glass Studio.

Privacy settings* (in early preview)

Toggle between:
  • Public (anyone who visits your link will be able to see your hologram)
  • Unlisted (only people you share your link with will be able to see your hologram)
  • Private (no one but you will be able to see your hologram)

More conversions

All new and existing Blocks users will recive 20 Image to Hologram conversions a month. These will reset at the top of the month and conversions will not roll over.
Over the next month, we'll be rolling out ways for users to subscribe and receive more conversions and features so stay tuned.
If you've run out of credits and find that you need more, write us at support [at] and we'll see what we can do.