Get Started on Windows

This page will guide you through getting started with Liteforms!
Download Liteforms for Windows here.


Microphone Setup

In order for Liteforms to hear you speak, the application needs access to your microphone. Enable the following settings for the Liteforms application to work properly.

Online Speech Recognition

Press the Windows key and search for online speech recognition. You should see a settings screen like the one below.
Windows 11
Windows 10
Sometimes Windows may automatically switch your audio output device to the Looking Glass, if you can't hear Liteforms respond to you this is probably why. Switch your sound output in the audio settings panel on right side of the windows taskbar.

Download and Install

Download and Install the Liteforms application from the requirements section above. It should open automatically after install. Alternatively, you can launch Liteforms in the windows search bar by searching for Liteforms. Once you open the application you should see a screen like this, click the Log in button to login to your account and start interacting with Liteforms!
Once you've logged in you should see the following screen. Select a Liteform and start a conversation! Learn more about this fabulous trio of starting characters here: