3D Model Importer App Guide

(last updated December 2022, v1.2.0)

Please note that this is legacy software and is not being actively maintained.

First, download and install the latest version of the 3D Model Importer. When you run the application, the following animated model will appear by default after launch:

Choosing a Model

Click "Load Model". By default, this will open a browser in the "Models" folder. This folder has some example models if you'd like to use one of those. the best place to to choose from.

Models must be in the glTF, obj, or glb format. If your modeling application of choice doesn't export in these formats, or if you already have a model of a different format, consult this list of exporters and converters to find the right tool. Of the tools on the list, we have found success using Sketchfab as a converter.

When downloading something, donโ€™t forget to check the CC and license-use for the file and always credit and link back to the artist if possible! For demonstration, we used Willy Decarpentrieโ€™s Mech Drone model (one of the example models in 3D Model Importer). To use your own model, select it from the Load Model command.

Exploring your model

The 3D Model Importer uses a special control scheme to allow viewing the model from different perspectives in 3D.

  • Rotate around your model by left clicking and dragging

  • pan around the scene by right clicking and dragging,

  • and zoom in and out by scrolling.

The unique aspect of the orbit control system is the ability to โ€œrefocusโ€ on a particular point of a model. Youโ€™ll notice, if you zoom in on your model, that the parts closest to the view become blurry as you zoom in. Double click on any part of the model to set this point as the center of focus, so that it does not blur as you zoom in on it. Double click off of the mode to reset the focus to the center of the model.

Other Settings

Advanced Settings

  • Object Settings handle how the app handles materials, textures, and animations if supported by the model.

  • Lighting Settings handle the lighting in the scene. Proper lighting can make work pop in the Looking Glass.

Quality Settings

  • Quality Settings are useful to balance between visual quality of the image and rendering performance.


  • Options, available by pressing the ? button, provide instructions, status of processing decimations, the option to capture or record your content, and version information.

Visit the reference section of 3D Model Importer documentation for more detailed explanation of settings and adjustments.

That's it! Youโ€™re now ready to view models on 3D Model Importer! If you have cool content you'd like to share, tweet it at us on Twitter or post on our Discord!

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