๐ŸชŸGet Started on Windows

This page will guide you through getting started with Liteforms!

Download Liteforms for Windows here.


Microphone Setup

If you got an error notifying you that "offline speech" needs to be configured, that means the connection between speech services and your mic is being blocked. Follow the steps below to resolve.

In order for Liteforms to hear you speak, the application needs access to your microphone. Occasionally, Windows Defender Firewall will block the app from accessing the microphone.

For most setups, the following is not required, but if you're having issue connecting your microphone, you can resolve this issue by exiting Liteforms, disabling Windows Defender Firewall (or other firewalls on your setup), and restarting Liteforms. Please be sure to confirm that the correct mic is selected under "Settings" in the Liteform app. Once the mic connects once, you can re-enable Windows Defender and you shouldn't experience additional issues. If you need additional support, please contact us a support@lookingglassfactory.com

Sometimes Windows may automatically switch your audio output device to the Looking Glass, if you can't hear Liteforms respond to you this is probably why. Switch your sound output in the audio settings panel on right side of the windows taskbar.

Download and Install

Download and Install the Liteforms application from the requirements section above. Once installed, you can launch Liteforms in the Windows search bar by searching for Liteforms. Once you open the application you should see a screen like this, click the Log in button to login to your account and start interacting with Liteforms!

Once you've logged in you should see the following screen:

From here, you can either select a Liteform and start a conversation, or you can select the "Create Liteform" button on the side nav to make you own, custom Liteform to talk to! See our full guide on creating custom Liteforms for more information.

Learn more about this fabulous trio of starting characters here:


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