Change Log

Diorama 1.1

This is a release of Diorama with Custom Wordart and bug fixes.

New features:

  • Added support for Looking Glass 16" and 32"

  • Added black bars on sides when running on a widescreen looking glass

  • Added a dialog for previewing how the app will look like in widescreen devices

  • Added a slider for scaling

  • Added a dropdown menu on stickers and Wordart with more options

  • Added a button for flipping stickers

  • Save popup closes after saving

  • Added visual guides when using Diorama on landscape devices to highlight the final portrait aspect ratio

  • Fullscreen is now Preview, showing a dialog informing the user about how the app will work across devices

  • Sticker have collapsible menus with extra options

  • Added a Scale slider and a Flip button for stickers

  • Custom Wordart lets the user create text prompts with their own text

  • Added Japanese and Simplified Chinese and Arabic fallback fonts (does not include right-to-left justification)


  • Fixed cursor and lights visible on screenshots

  • Fixed 'none yet' messages

  • fixed thumbnails that didn't load showing as white boxes

  • Fixed issues loading previous RGBD images

  • Fixed issues with RGBD list when creating a new scene

  • Fixed an issue when creating a New scene after adding stickers

  • Reworked the image caching system to help fix issues and performance

  • Duplicate stickers no longer fail to load

  • fixed save slot thumbnails displaying incorrectly when saved from a landscape looking glass

  • Windows installer version bump.

  • Fix thumbnails not loading in the RGBD image list.

  • Removed highlight effect on RGBD mesh when hovering with mouse

  • Optimized custom wordart by baking text into textures

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