๐ŸŒ‰Looking Glass Bridge

Required Software for Looking Glass Displays

Looking Glass Bridge facilitates communication between your computer and any connected Looking Glass devices. It is required for Looking Glass applications, webapps and development tools.

Download the latest version from our software downloads page here.

Looking Glass Bridge is available for Windows, MacOS (m1/intel) and Linux based systems.

For Looking Glass Bridge to function properly your Looking Glass display must be setup properly in desktop mode. Follow the instructions on the following pages to make sure everything is pixel perfect.

Gen 1 Looking Glass devices are not intended to be used with Looking Glass Bridge, instead you should use our older driver HoloPlay Service.

To learn more about using Looking Glass Bridge checkout the instructions on the following page. These instructions will walk you through how to use Bridge's basic and advanced functionality.

โœจUsing Looking Glass Bridge

Test your setup

This simple test can be run to ensure that hardware is connected, and software is installed and configured:

When the above button is pressed, your Looking Glass should show a hologram.

If your device isn't showing a hologram, make sure that you've got Looking Glass Bridge running, or that your device is properly plugged in and running in desktop mode.


For more trouble shooting tips or to download previous versions, see our troubleshooting page.

Error: Looking Glass Bridge not detected

If the test above shows Looking Glass Bridge not detected, make sure it's installed and running. Click here for the latest version.

If it is installed but not running...

Click on the Windows Start menu and search for "Looking Glass Bridge":

If you can't find it, go to C:/Program Files (x86)/Looking Glass Factory/Bridge/ and double click Looking Glass Bridge.exe to launch it.

Once launched, try the Test Setup button to make sure it's running as intended.

Error: No Looking Glass detected / Error loading calibration

Looking Glass displays have two types of cables that should be connected to the computer, a USB cable and a HDMI/Displayport cable, depending on the model. Ensure that you've got both cables connected and that your Looking Glass is powered on.

For Looking Glass Portrait, ensure that your device is running in desktop mode.

  1. Power down your Looking Glass and unplug all cables

  2. Find the Looking Glass icon on the Windows taskbar or Mac menu bar.

  3. Click on it to reveal the menu.

  4. Click "Restart Bridge"

  5. Plug cables back in

  6. Rerun the test setup.


To install Looking Glass Bridge on Linux run the following commands after extracting the archive.

$ chmod +x lookingglassbridge.sh
$ ./lookingglassbridge.sh

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