๐ŸชŸDisplay settings on Windows

This page goes over how to adjust display settings on Windows computers.

For Looking Glass software to work as best as possible your Looking Glass display must be set to the proper resolution. The following recommendations will make sure that your computer and Looking Glass are setup properly.

Some Windows based laptops limit which ports are connected to the dedicated graphics card. In some cases, the HDMI port for example will only be linked to the integrated graphics, resulting in lower performance for demanding applications. Please consult your computer's user guide to determine which ports are connected to your dedicated graphics card.

Display Adapters

If your computer only has USB-C output you'll need a display adapter to connect the HDMI or DisplayPort cable to your Looking Glass. For Looking Glass Portrait, we typically recommend adapters from Anker.

If you need a different display adapter ensure that it supports at minimum 4K@30hz for use with the Looking Glass Portrait and Looking Glass 16".

A display adapter that doesn't support 4K @ 30hz will not work with your Looking Glass Portrait or 16".

For the Looking Glass 32" or 65" you must plugin both Display port cables to your computer. We strongly recommend using a desktop computer with a powerful Nvidia graphics card for these systems. For more information please see the Looking Glass user guide for the 32" or 65" for minimum required specifications for your PC.

Display Settings

To get to display settings, open the settings app and then click on Display.

Windows usually sets new monitors to Duplicate to the main screen. In order for your Looking Glass to work properly it must be set as an extended display. Select the Duplicate these displays text and then choose Extend these displays. This will now show two rectangles in the settings menu, representing your main monitor, and your Looking Glass display.

Select your Looking Glass display, scroll down until you see the Display Scaling and Resolution options, under the Scale and layout category.

Ensure that Scale is set to 100% and that the Display resolution setting matches the table above.

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