Record your very own 3D Videos using the selfie FaceID camera or the LiDAR sensor. Export them into glTF, sequence of PLY files, or Alembic. Use WebRTC Wi-Fi Streaming, export into RGBD mp4 videos.

Redeeming your Record3D License

For Kickstarter backers who requested a free Record3D License, your unique TestFlight links should have ben sent out via email in early May.
The reason for going with this TestFlight method is due to the App Store's constraint of only allowing license redemption to only be contained within one region's app store and not applicable to worldwide redemption.
Following are the steps to redeem your complementary Record3D license.
(Please also note that your TestFlight link is only active for up to 82 days from the send date. Please ensure that you redeem your code within the time limit set.)
Note about compatibility. Record3D only works with iPhone X, 11, and 12 models & iPad Pro models.

2. Open the TestFlight Version of the app after installed to ensure that the premium features are unlocked

Once the TestFlight version is installed, open up the TestFlight application to unlock all the premium features. Checking that you can toggle between Wi-Fi / USB / Off options in Settings confirms that the features are unlocked.

3. Once the TestFlight version is fully installed, head to the App Store and install the public App Store version of Record3D (without removing the TestFlight version). Once done, your TestFlight version should be fully replaced by the official Record3D App.

Note that if you are trying to install Record3D on multiple devices, you will need to follow the same TestFlight → Store App path. Do not be tempted by the shiny toggle that says Restore In-App Purchases :D

Using Record3D for Looking Glass Portrait

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Record3D to capture and record holographic videos to import into your Looking Glass Portrait, go here.