2D → 3D Conversions

Our cloud-based technology transforms any 2D image into a high-quality depth map, which can be displayed as a three-dimensional hologram.

Redeeming your 2D → 3D Conversions

The complementary twenty 2D → 3D conversions service is an add-on that we provided at the back-half of the Kickstarter campaign because we saw that different folks had requested support for non-Portrait mode / non-depth photos.
This is an experimental service that requires cloud processing (at a fee to us), it’s not something that we can offer at an unlimited scale but it’s also not essential in order to run your Looking Glass Portrait -- it’s simply an add-on feature.

1. Your redemption code for 20 complementary 2D → 3D conversions were sent to your backer email

This is a sample code with a sample email.

3. Sign in to your Looking Glass Factory account or sign up for a new account

You must sign up for an account in order to redeem with your code, otherwise, we are unable to save and re-load your redemption codes at a later date.

4. Hit REDEEM CODE and enter in the redemption code sent to you in your email

5. Select any image for 2D → 3D conversion

We recommend using images with clear 3D geometry, such as real-world photos or artwork with a range of dark and light values. Portraits of people and animals work particularly well.
A reminder that we will only host your images for 24 hours after conversion, so please remember to download and store your depth map once it has been generated!

Pulling my converted photo into Looking Glass Portrait

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to import your converted 2D → 3D photo into your Looking Glass Portrait, go here.