Unreal Engine 5 Quick Start

Get started with Unreal Engine 5!

Plugin Installation

You can install the plugin to your engine directory or your project directory. Installing to your engine directory will make it easier to add to new projects. Follow our installation instructions here.

Adding A HoloPlay Capture

To add a HoloPlay Capture to your scene click the cube with the green + and then choose "All Classes" and scroll down until you see the HoloPlay Capture.
After Adding the HoloPlay Capture to your scene, click the HoloPlay Button on the toolbar next to "platforms". Assuming you have a Looking Glass connected, you should see your scene in the Looking Glass! The HoloPlay Capture volume will automatically adjust the aspect ratio and settings based on the Looking Glass device you have connected.
Unreal Engine 5's toolbar, now with Looking Glass functionality


Using Nanite

Unreal Engine 5 currently doesn't support Multiview content with Nanite, in order to use Nanite with the HoloPlay Unreal Plugin you'll need to enable single view mode on your HoloPlay Capture actor/component.

Using Lumen

Lumen is currently unsupported until Unreal Engine adds support for Lumen captures with render targets. Leaving Lumen on will contribute to virtual shadow maps, which can be captured by the HoloPlay Unreal Plugin, but we recommend turning Lumen off in project settings to save performance.

We'd love to hear your suggestions 💜

If you're having issues with our Unreal Engine Plugin please email us at [email protected] and fill out our bug reporting form.