Scaling issues

If the Holoplay preview window is scaled incorrectly on your device, this may be due to scaling issues either in your display settings or in Unity.
Please first confirm that your display settings are configured as recommended in our setup guide.
If your OS screen scaling is set correctly but the issue persists, it is possible that the Unity editor has UI scaling set to something other than 100% -- please confirm that the UI scaling is 100% by going to "Edit" -> "Preferences" -> "UI Scaling".

Work arounds 👷‍♀️

Manually choose position of the Looking Glass window

There are some edge cases where our windowing solution will position the Looking Glass window incorrectly. To circumvent these cases you can try manually specifying the window position. Open your assets tab and click "Create" you'll see there's an option for "Holoplay" -> "Manual Preview Settings"
Once you've created the HoloPlay Preview settings you can check "Manual Position" and then modify the X and Y position. 0,0 is the bottom left of your main monitor. If your Looking Glass display is located to the right of an HD (1920x1080) monitor then the X and Y position would be 1920, 0. Since you're shifting it 1920 pixels to the right, and 0 pixels up or down. If your monitor is to the left of your main monitor, the X offset would be negative resolution of the looking glass display. For a Portrait, that would be -1536.
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