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This is a legacy script.
Please update to version 1.2 use the Post Processing Depth of Field effect instead.
To apply SimpleDOF.cs, simply drag it onto the Holoplay Capture object.


The following 4 fields describe the DOF blur envelope.
DOF blur chart
All envelope values have depth values as measured in multiples of holoplay.size. Objects that appear between
  • negative infinity and start depth will appear with blurSize amount of blur
  • start depth and dip depth will appear at a linearly interpolated blur amount between blurSize and 0
  • dip depth and rise depth will appear at 0 blur
  • rise depth and end depth will appear at a linearly interpolated blur amount between 0 and blurSize
  • end and positive infinity will appear at blurSize amount of blur


Type: Holoplay
Which Holoplay is this blur associated with


Type: float
Amount of blur, as measured in pixels on a boxBlur


Type: bool
Usually SimpleDOF is applied to account for visual artifacts. With the Looking Glass, these artifacts only occur horizontally, so by default this script only blurs horizontally. Uncheck to blur horizontally and vertically.


Type: bool
Displays a gradient to visualize the focus.
  • Black means in between dip and rise and therefore appears with no blur
  • White means before start or after end and therefore full blur amount