Using Depthkit in Unity

Depthkit is the next-generation creative toolset for Volumetric Filmmaking. It is software that uses 3D capture hardware to capture real world scenes as digital 3D imagery. This 3D imagery can be played back in the Looking Glass.

Depthkit is developed and maintained by our friends at Scatter.

Depth Video exported from Depthkit can be added to your Unity project to view on the Looking Glass.

To do so, create a new Unity project with Looking Glass Unity Plugin, and import:

  • Depthkit Unity Plugin - this is available in your Depthkit downloads page once you obtain a license. More information on Depthkit's site.

  • The 3 files that Depthkit exported (.mp4, .png, and .txt)

In the "Object Hierarchy" of a new scene, right click and add the following:

  • "Hologram Camera" (if you don't already have a "Hologram Camera" object)

  • "Depthkit" -> "Depthkit Clip"

Finally, drag the exported files from your Project Assets into the "Depthkit Clip" inspector fields as shown in this screenshot.

Now, simply resize and angle the footage to fit your needs, and start playing the project to see the video play.

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