C API Overview

Shared Libraries

One portion of the HoloPlay Core SDK is a set of shared libraries (DLL, dylib, so) for Windows 32, Windows 64, Mac, and Linux. The primary functionality provided by these libraries is to communicate with HoloPlay Service, allowing developers to show a 3D image, to load calibration data, and to determine window position for the Looking Glass.

Header Files

This is a set of files that provide easy-to-use functions to make API requests. They also expose the structure of making such requests to allow users to make custom requests when necessary โ€” so long as HoloPlay Service is capable of handling these requests. HoloPlayShaders.h exposes the shader information so the developer can take this code and create a shader in the program they're using.

HoloPlayCore.h โ€” a set of helper functions that simplify the most commonly needed functionality and make functions from libHoloPlayCore.h more readable.

libHoloPlayCore.h โ€” a set of functions for communicating with HoloPlay Service.

HoloPlayShaders.h โ€” a simple header file containing the GLSL lenticular shader to convert a quilt into a 3D image as a string.

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