This script drives the 3D Cursor prefab.

With this script, you an use the cursor to point at and select objects.

The script uses depth maps to determine location. As a result, objects with Fade and Transparent materials will not be able to be selected.

To ensure an object isn't picked up by the 3D cursor, set its layer to "Ignore Raycast.โ€


bool disableSystemCursor

Disables the OS cursor at the start.

bool relativeScale

Should the cursor scale follow the size of the LookingGlass.

GameObject cursorGameObject

Game Object for the 3D Cursor.

bool uiCursorMode

When true, renders the cursor from uiCursor on a 2D canvas.


Vector3 GetWorldPos()

Returns the location of the 3D cursor (in world space).

Vector3 GetLocalPos()

Returns the location of the 3D cursor (in the Hologram Camera space).

Vector3 GetNormal()

Returns the direction of the normal at the given point.

Quaternion GetRotation()

Returns the rotation of the 3d Cursor (in world space).

Quaternion GetLocalRotation()

Returns the rotation of the 3D Cursor (relative to the Hologram Cameraโ€™s space).

bool GetOverObject()

Returns true if cursor is over an object.

void Refocused()

Reenable system cursor. Useful for activating from an external script when a user needs to see their cursor.

GameObject uiCursor

Game Object for the 2D Cursor.

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