We're excited to release version 2.0 of our Unity plugin! This version has a bunch of new features we're excited for you to try out. If you run into any bugs, please fill out this form. If you have any feature requests or general feedback, please fill out this form.

Download the plugin here


  • Unity 2021+ required.

  • Looking Glass Bridge v2.0.9 or newer

  • A Windows machine with dedicated graphics card

  • An Apple Silicon Mac

  • An Intel chip Mac with a dedicated graphics card

Windows computers with discrete graphics cards like an RTX 3070 are strongly recommended.

No support for the HDRP.

2.0 Feature Overview Video

This video was created for v2.0.0-alpha of the plugin and some things have changed in v2.0.8+.


  • Run interactive scenes from within the Unity editor and in packages builds

  • Record holograms from the Unity editor

  • Use hardware buttons for Looking Glass devices (Windows only)

  • Custom fork of the post-processing stack for holograms

  • 3D cursor and orbit controls for holographic interactions

New in 2.0

Depthiness Slider

We've added a new "depthiness" slider to the Looking Glass camera setup. You can now adjust the depth of your scene without changing other settings like the field of view or focus.โ€‹โ€‹

Camera Transform Mode

We've made an additional Hologram Camera "Transform Mode" that makes it behave much mroe like a conventional camera, called "Camera." In this mode, the pivot will shift to be centered on the position of the central perspective (rather than the center of the volume) and the focal plane can be moved/animated.

Holographic Cameras Creation Improvements

You can now turn normal Unity cameras into Looking Glass camera objects by right clicking them and selecting "Looking Glass" -> "Convert to Hologram Camera."

Quilt Capture Improvements

We've completely revamped the way to capture quilt images and videos. You can now take screenshots directly from the UI using the screenshot button on the Quilt Capture component.

Blocks Integration

Want to share your holograms on the internet? We've got you. We've added a blocks.glass integration directly to the Unity Plugin. You can go straight from the Unity editor to an uploaded hologram.

Hologram Preview

You can now preview Holograms directly in the unity editor without a Looking Glass Display connected, just like viewing blocks on blocks.glass.โ€‹

URP support (beta)

Run interactive applications and record content from scenes built in the Universal Render Pipeline (URP). Currently no support for post-processing or the 3D cursor.

Render Stacking

You can now use quilts as background elements for your scenes, allowing you to "stack" holograms into multiple layers.

Force Display Index

We have added a toggle to override our logic that forces the Looking Glass window onto the Looking Glass display in builds. This improves setups with two monitors that use raycasting and UI events on a 2D display.

Running Mac Builds

Mac builds got a major improvement in v2.0.8 of the plugin, but still have UX issues. In particular, builds will resize and change position for a few seconds before correctly rendering on the Looking Glass device.

Running Linux Builds

This is not fully tested in v2.0.8 of the plugin.

Beginning with version 1.3.0 of the Unity plugin, we have experimental support for Linux (Ubuntu).

However, due to some complications around Unity's window management system, when running builds on Linux it's necessary to launch them from the command line with the "-adapter" parameter set to the index of your Looking Glass display, as in the following example:

YourApp.x86_64 -adapter 2

The above sets your app to run on your second display, which, typically, is the index of your Looking Glass.

Additionally, in version 1.4.0+ of the plugin, there is no support for video recording with Linux. There is a missing dependency to enable this, FFmpeg, which we are aiming to include for Linux users in the future.

Known Issues

See our list of known issues here.

Design Guidelines

Building experiences for the Looking Glass can be challenging because it's such a new medium. To make sure your demos really pop, take a look at our Design Guidelines.

Having Issues?

If you're having issues with our Unity Plugin please email us at developer@lookingglassfactory.com and fill out our bug reporting form.

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