RGBD Photo / Video
RGBD photos and videos are image and video assets that have color data on one side of the image, and depth data on the other side.
Examples of RGB-D photos are available below:
A Photo of Shawn as a kid, created with our 2D to 3D Service
Decorate a Christmas Tree with Shawn's Family

Import into HoloPlay Studio

To import RGB-D photos or videos into HoloPlay Studio you can:
    Drag & Drop the file into HoloPlay Studio, then select the RGB-D Photo/Video option.
    Select the "Add Hologram" tab and click anywhere on the panel, this will open a file explorer window where you can select the photo(s) or video(s) you want to import.

Editing with the Properties Panel

    Depthiness changes how depth / flat the hologram appears
    Focus changes which depth plane is in focus for the hologram
    Depth Position describes which half of the image contains the depth information
    Chroma Depth, when selected, uses chroma (instead of grayscale) as the depth data
    Depth Inversion, when selected, inverts the depth of the image
    To pan and zoom, place your cursor in the Looking Glass Portrait window and scrollwheel to zoom, and click and drag to pan
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