Portrait Photos
HoloPlay Studio can make holograms from some iPhone portrait mode photos.
For advanced editing features, please use Diorama.

Taking Portrait Mode Photos

To take Portrait mode photos with your iPhone, please consult Apple's website.
Note: HoloPlay Studio does not yet support HEIC photos. We suggest browsing to Settings -> Camera -> Formats and selecting Most Compatible to take photos in .jpg. If you have already shot HEIC photos, browse to Settings -> Photos -> Transfer to Mac or PC and select Automatic to transfer photos as .jpg.

Transferring your Portrait Photos

When transferring iPhone Portrait Mode photos to your computer, you can use any of the following:
    the Native iPhone mail app (Make sure to send "Actual Size")
    Google Photos (if syncing full quality photos)
    Android Gmail
Do NOT use the iPhone Gmail App as it will delete depth data in the transfer.

Import into HoloPlay Studio

To import Portrait photos into HoloPlay Studio you can:
    Drag & Drop the file into HoloPlay Studio, then select the iPhone Portrait Photo option.
    Select the "Add Hologram" tab and click anywhere on the panel, this will open a file explorer window where you can select the photo(s) you want to import.

Editing with the Properties Panel

    Depthiness changes how depth / flat the hologram appears
    Focus changes which depth plane is in focus for the hologram
    To pan and zoom, place your cursor in the Looking Glass Portrait window and scroll wheel to zoom, and click and drag to pan

Android Support (limited & experimental)

Many Android devices can take photos that combine color and depth data to enhance 2D photos. These devices call these modes various names, and many of these images contain hidden depth data required for making holograms on Looking Glass Displays.
HoloPlay Studio has limited, experimental support for the following formats.
    Google "Portrait" mode photos
    Samsung "Live Focus" mode photos
    Huawei "Aperture" mode photos (but not Huawei "Portrait" mode photos)
To see if your format works, import your photo as an iPhone photo, and check the "Depth Inversion" checkbox upon import. As we work through beta, we unfortunately cannot provide a timeline for when support for more phones will be added. If you'd like to be notified when HoloPlay Studio has updates related to your device, please fill out this form.
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