HoloPlay Studio
HoloPlay Studio is the hologram companion app for your Looking Glass Portrait. With it, you can import holograms from a variety of sources, make minor edits to any hologram you create, and sync to your Looking Glass Portrait for Standalone Mode.
Looking Glass Factory. The World's Leading Holographic Display Company.
Looking Glass Factory. The World's Leading Holographic Display Company.
You can Download HoloPlay Studio from the link above!


Computer Requirements

Windows 10 and MacOS Catalina or newer that have USB-C and HDMI ports. We recommend running HoloPlay Studio on computers with a dedicated graphics cards. Computers that only have integrated graphics will provide a lower quality experience.
If your computer has two graphics cards, HoloPlay Studio will always attempt to use the higher performance card, but this sometimes fails. If you are using a Windows computer and are seeing performance issues, you can manually force this using these steps:
    Press the Windows Key and type "Graphics Settings"
    In Graphics Settings, under "Desktop app" select "Browse" and browse to your installation of HoloPlay Studio (by default it is located in C:\User\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\HoloPlayStudio - where [USERNAME] is your username.
    In "Options", select "High performance"

Required Software

In order for HoloPlay Studio to run, your computer must have HoloPlay Service installed.
Once downloaded and installed, make sure your Looking Glass Portrait is connected and in desktop mode before opening and using HoloPlay Studio.

Previous Versions

If for whatever reason you'd like to download a previous version of HoloPlay Studio, you can do that here. If you would like to be prompted to update automatically, please select Menu > File > Preferences and check "Automatically check for updates"

We'd love to hear your suggestions ❤️

You can provide us with feedback or feature requests at our feedback forum or reach out to the team on discord!
If you're having issues with HoloPlay Studio you can check out our troubleshooting page or our support articles here. If those resources don't help solve your issue please email us at [email protected] and fill out our bug reporting form.
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