Get Started on MacOS

This page will guide you through getting started with Liteforms!
Download Liteforms for MacOS here.


Liteforms on MacOS currently only supports Apple Silicon Macs

Microphone Setup

When you first open up Liteforms you'll be prompted to allow microphone access. If you don't see this prompt, you can change this setting via system preferences -> privacy and enable microphone support there.

Download and Install

Download and install the Liteforms application from the requirements section above.
It should open automatically after install. Alternatively, you can launch Liteforms from the Applications folder, or via quick launch via CMD + Space.
Once you've logged in you should see the following screen:
From here, you can either select a Liteform and start a conversation, or you can select the "Create Liteform" button on the side nav to make you own, custom Liteform to talk to! See our full guide on creating custom Liteforms for more information.
Learn more about this fabulous trio of starting characters here: