Looking Glass 8.9"
Developer Kit Setup


First, please follow the Hardware Setup Guide that came with your Looking Glass. If it can't be found, download a copy here:
Hardware Setup Guide - Looking Glass 8-9 Inch.pdf
Hardware Setup Guide


Download and install HoloPlay Service to start working with holograms.
Download Software

Interaction Accessory Pack

Interaction Accessory Pack owners must also install Leap Motion drivers. Please download and install the V4 (Orion) version of the Desktop SDK.
This is only available on Windows. Mac users may experimentally use V2 drivers, though tracking quality is worse, and many apps in the library are not compatible.
Test Your Setup
This simple test can be run to ensure that hardware is connected and software is installed and configured:
When the above button is pressed HoloPlay Service will display a test image of the Looking Glass Logo on your portrait. To close this image, move your mouse over and click anywhere on the image. The image should appear 3D. If the image doesn't appear, or you get an error, please ensure that HoloPlay Service 1.2.0 is installed and that your hdmi cable and usb-c cables are properly plugged in. The image should appear 3D. If it appears with diagonal lines (as on the right), there is an error. Please retry the setup steps above to ensure it is properly configured. If that doesn't fix it, try troubleshooting HoloPlay Service.
Once the setup is complete, go back to the User Guide welcome page to begin working with the Looking Glass.
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