Looking Glass 32"

This is the setup guide for the Looking Glass 32". If you need more advanced support or need assistance with setting up your Looking Glass 32" please email us at [email protected]


Follow the Hardware Setup Guide that came with your Looking Glass 32". If it can't be found, you can download a copy here:
Looking Glass 32 Setup Guide.pdf
Looking Glass 32" Hardware Setup Guide


Download and install Looking Glass Bridge to start working with holograms.
Looking Glass Bridge, Looking Glass Studio, and some demo applications are already installed and ready to use on computers purchased directly from Looking Glass Factory.

Display Settings & Configuration

When setting up your Looking Glass 32" display alongside your secondary monitor (recommended) to use at the UI screen, ensure the following:
  • The Looking Glass 65" and secondary monitor should be extended, not mirrored.
  • The Looking Glass 65" should be scaled at 100%
  • The secondary monitor should be set as your "primary display"
This setup will allow for you to seamlessly control your applications and content from the secondary display with the holographic content running on your Looking Glass 32".

Leap Motion Setup

Some applications are controllable via the Leap Motion hand tracking hardware (included). To use these features, please download and install the V5 (Gemini) version of the Desktop SDK.
🤏🏼Ultraleap software is already installed on computers purchased directly from Looking Glass Factory.
Once you've got Leap Motion Sensor plugged in and the Ultraleap Gemini tracking installed, launch the Ultraleap sensor setup & load the Ultraleap Tracking Software. This will allow you to use your Leap Motion Sensor with any compatible apps you have installed.

Test your Setup

This simple test can be run to ensure that hardware is connected, and software is installed and configured:
When the above button is pressed, your Looking Glass 32" should show a 3D image of the Looking Glass Logo. To close this image, move your mouse over and click anywhere on the image.
If it appears with diagonal lines, there is an error loading the calibration data. Please retry the setup steps above to ensure it is properly configured, double check that all cables are plugged in and that your monitor settings are correct.
The following applications demonstrate the features / capabilities of the Looking Glass 32" Display and are preinstalled on the Looking Glass 32" PC.

🛩️ Jet Engine

A Video Showcasing the Jet Engine Demo
🤏🏼 Leap Motion Enabled
Jet Engine is a CAD presentation of complex 3D models, gesture control/explode to show complex structures to show internally and to clients.

Gesture Controls:

  • Left Hand - X-ray through model
  • Right-Hand - Rotate the model
  • Both-Hands Together - Explode View

🏔️ Landscape Fly Through

space bar to pause / enable orbit
  • f toggles fog on / off
  • 🔽 arrow to reset light
  • ◀️▶️ arrows to move shadows
  • alt + F4 to escape
  • Orbit controls with 3D cursor using a mouse
    • Double click to focus
    • Mouse wheel to zoom in and out
    • Middle mouse wheel drag to translate
    • Click and rotate to rotate model

Molecule Viewer

Orbit controls with 3D cursor using a mouse
  • Double click to focus
  • Mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Middle mouse wheel drag to translate
  • Click and rotate to rotate model
R to reset view Space or arrow left/right to toggle


Trex video w/sound by Jorge Hernandez

Fantasy KitKat by Mar

Missy with Lipstick


Shawn & his Holographic Skateboard


Albert and his Etch-a-Sketch

albert-etchasketch-july2021-8K-qs7x12 (2).jpg
albert-etchasketch-july2021-8K-qs7x12 (2).jpg

Bowl of Oranges

Flower Macro Photography

Scar Jo

This Hologram was created in Maya by Jaye Howse! That's right, it's not a photo!

Bond, James Bond

Peer into the world of 007 with this fantastic CGI replica of James Bond's weapon by Jay Howse

Protean clouds by Nimitz

Common Troubleshooting Issues

If your PC is not switching on when connected to the Looking Glass 32" Display
Note that when you setup + switch on the PC, avoid having all peripherals connected at once. Only have the secondary screen connected. Then, after setup, you can connect all the other accessories. This is to prevent the PC from drawing too much power at once.
If you notice that your demos seem to be running to the left side of the display and there is something wrong with how they look
Reset the Looking Glass display with the on & off with the side power button.
If you notice that some media in Looking Glass Studio is running at a slower frame rate
This could be for one of two reasons. The first is to ensure that you have Vertical Sync enabled ->
  1. 1.
    Click the Start button or Windows icon
  2. 2.
    Type NVIDIA control panel into the search bar
  3. 3.
    Press Enter on your keyboard
  4. 4.
    Click Manage 3D settings
  5. 5.
    Under I would like to use the following 3D settings, scroll down until you see Vertical sync
  6. 6.
    Select Vertical sync to choose Force on from the drop-down menu
Second, ensure that the graphics card is targeting all the applications that you've installed including the web browser you're using (we recommend Chrome). For a detailed breakdown of how to set this for your PC, follow this guide here.
If USB-C ports on the back of the 32" PC aren't functioning properly.
Install the latest chipset drivers for the intel compute element. This only applies to the 32" PC purchased from Looking Glass Factory.
If the Azure Kinect is not switching on
Re-connect all the cables and make sure that the Azure Kinect USB-C cable is connected to a USB 3.0 port (these are usually blue).
If that doesn't work, right click the icon after downloading and run Depth Recorder as System Administrator