Using the HoloPlay Capture

There are two ways to add a HoloPlay Capture to your scene. You can use a HoloPlay Capture Actor, or a HoloPlay Capture Component. The HoloPlay Capture Component allows you to add the HoloPlay Capture to any existing actor, including pawns & characters.

The following settings are shared between both the HoloPlay Capture Actor and HoloPlay Capture Component. The HoloPlay Capture Component is meant to be used inside of a blueprint like a pawn, character or actor, while the HoloPlay Capture Actor is meant to be placed directly in the level.

You can find the settings on the right hand side in the details panel when you have the HoloPlay Capture selected. The main settings here you'll want to keep in mind are Size and FOV.


Editing the Size variable changes the size of the HoloPlay Capture Actor, this is useful when you want to change the scale at which the HoloPlay Capture Actor can focus on.

Field of View (FOV)

Editing the field of view changes the amount of the scene visible by the HoloPlay Capture Actor. Note, however, that the default of 14 degrees is intended to ensure that the scene's parallax closely matches real-world parallax. Changing the field of view doesn't break the effect, but it does add some distortion.

Depth of Field Adjustment

You can override the depth of field set by the post processing volume by enabling the "override DOF" flag in the Post Processing settings of the HoloPlay Capture, however this will also adjust how the camera responds to light depending on your project settings, so keep that in mind as you adjust it.

Multi-View Mode

By default, we render in what we call "Single View Mode" meaning each view is captured in a single pass. If you untoggle this setting, the plugin will render multiple views in a single pass. This can improve performance, however many advanced rendering features will no longer work, like ray tracing, Nanite, and Lumen.

Near and Far Clip

The near and far clip planes allow you to control how much of the world is visible to the HoloPlay Capture. This can be especially useful if you want to keep areas that are too far away or too close to the camera from being shown on your Looking Glass.

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