Unreal Engine 4 Quick Start

We are no longer supporting UE4, however you can download version 1.4 of our plugin here, which supports UE4.27.

Using the HoloPlay Capture Actor

The HoloPlay Capture Actor is the primary camera component used for rendering and visualizing objects on the Looking Glass. You can grab it from the "Place Actors" Menu on the left-hand side of the editor.

Click and drag this file into your editor viewport and it will immediately be added to your scene. Once added to your scene, you should be able to see the visualized frustum representing the display area of the Looking Glass.

To open the HoloPlay window and view your scene in your Looking Glass you can click the โ€œHoloPlay Playโ€ button found on the right side of the toolbar above the editor viewport.

Note that in some cases there may be too many icons in the toolbar to properly display. In these cases the HoloPlay button will be hidden under a dropdown shown below.

Once you click the โ€œHoloPlay" button the scene will automatically show up on your portrait.

If the plugin doesn't detect your display restart Looking Glass Bridge and then restart the engine.

To play the scene and see your content in โ€œPlay Modeโ€ just press the โ€œPlayโ€ button in the toolbar above the editor viewport. This will run the scene in game mode.

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If you're having issues with our Unreal Engine Plugin please email us at developer@lookingglassfactory.com and fill out our bug reporting form.

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