Packaging the Project

While it is possible to package a project, this is not the primary purpose of the plugin. We recommend using the plugin to generate images and cinematic exports.

The process for packaging a project with the HoloPlay Unreal Plugin is the same as packaging with any other project but there are a few settings to be aware of.

For the standard packaging process, you can view the Unreal Engine Documentation here:

All settings set in Project Settings->HoloPlay Plugin will also be maintained in the build.

Render to PC and Looking Glass Displays

By default, when running a packaged project, there will be two render windows, one window in the Looking Glass display and one window in the connected PC display.

Render Only to Looking Glass

If you would like to render only to the Looking Glass display, you can check the box in the dropdown of the play button that says โ€œLock in main viewportโ€.

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