Change Log

Looking Glass Unreal Plugin 1.6.0

UE5.3 Support and bug fixes

UE5.3 is now supported.
Fixed a bug causing issues rendering geometry cache assets.
Reintroduced tiling settings to the sequencer options.

Looking Glass Unreal Plugin 1.5.0

Lumen, UE5.1, and UE5.2 Support

Lumen is now supported for UE5.1 and 5.2.
Upload quilt captures directly to Blocks from the plugin.
Added a new default hologram visualization mode that only updates the hologram view when the scene changes to optimize the plugin for cinematic export generation.
Removed the need to configure the plugin for cinematic capture.
Added the ability to change between HoloPlay Captures in Sequencer by accessing SetActiveCaptureComponent.
Removed support for UE4.

Looking Glass Unreal Plugin 1.4.0

Support for Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 support is here! Check the Unreal Engine 5 Quick Start page for instructions and tips!
Support for Cinematic Depth of Field
Support for Nanite & Virtual Shadow Maps
Added HoloPlay Capture Component for easier integration into your games & characters.
Added support for Ray Tracing by default.
Improved Sequencer Controls for HoloPlay Capture, allowing you to control size, FOV and more directly via sequencer.

Looking Glass Unreal Plugin 1.3.0

Introduced HoloPlay Capture Component

With the HoloPlay Capture Component you can now add a HoloPlay Capture to an existing pawn, Character or other unreal engine actor. This allows you to more easily integrate Looking Glass support into your current project.