Hologram Camera


The Hologram Camera prefab acts as a replacement for Unityโ€™s default camera, creating holograms from the capture volume. Due to the unique properties of a Looking Glass system, there are key differences between the Hologram Camera and Unity's standard camera.

How it works

The Hologram Camera object works by capturing your scene from at least 45 different perspectives. These captures are then stitched together into a special format to be displayed on the Looking Glass.

The settings exposed by the Hologram Camera object allow you to have control over how your scene is framed, using values described below. It also provides a helpful gizmo to visually represent how your scene is captured. The green border represents how much of your scene will be visible in the Hologram Camera volume, it is controlled by the Near Clip Factor & Far Clip Factor variables.

The purple lines represent the focal plane, which is the area of your scene that will be most in focus. In "Volume" transform mode, this position is not adjustable via a variable, and instead changes when you physically move the Hologram Camera object in your scene. In "Camera" transform mode, this can be adjusted using a variable, exposed as a slider in the Unity editor.

Use Details

You can modify the Hologram Camera in the inspector. For explanations on how inspector values work, please consult the HologramCamera.cs script reference.

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