Change Log

HoloPlay Unity Plugin v1.4.3


  • Improved robustness of HoloPlay window management.
  • Added AssemblyDefinitions for the following:
    • LookingGlass
    • LookingGlass.Editor
    • Unity.Postprocessing.Runtime
    • Unity.Postprocessing.Editor
Your project may fail to compile in Unity temporarily if you are updating from a prior version to v1.4.3.
If you are using AssemblyDefinitions for your code,
Select your project's AssemblyDefinition asset(s), and make sure to reference the LookingGlass and/or LookingGlass.Editor assemblies, and hit "Apply" in the inspector.
If you are still receiving errors stating "The type or namespace name ... could not be found", It may be because we had some scripts in the global namespace that were moved into LookingGlass and LookingGlass.Editor.
To fix this, add using LookingGlass; or using LookingGlass.Editor; at the top of your C# scripts where needed.
Last modified 1mo ago