Additional Support

Known Issues

  • While paused, the Stop Recording button will save 0 frames
  • Automatic quilt settings do not working for quilt captures that begin on the first frame - instead, manually set desired quilt output
  • View interpolation render black views and is not supported in 2.0.8
  • Changing the OS display settings (i.e. window arrangement) after casting to the Looking Glass can cause issues
  • No support for post-processing in URP
  • 3D cursor isn't supported in URP
  • (Unity 2021) Scenes do not have full lighting when they are built but not open
  • (Intel Mac) Occasional color splitting in the editor casting window and in builds
  • (Windows) Having the taskbar show on your Looking Glass device will offset the center of the 3D scene - it is recommended that you hide your taskbar on the Looking Glass.
  • (Linux) The editor preview window may use an incorrect position in certain OS display arrangements.
  • (Mac) Builds resize and reposition for a few seconds before appearing on the Looking Glass


3D image off-center in Editor

On Windows, if your 3D image is off-center, this is likely due to your taskbar being present on the Looking Glass device. To disable your taskbar, open "Taskbar Settings" on Windows and, under "Multiple displays," untoggle "Show taskbar on all displays."
If, for whatever reason, you're unable to hide your taskbar, you may use the Center Offset slider on the HologramCamera.cs component to adjust the center manually. This will only affect the editor and won't cause any issues in builds.

Manually choose position of the Looking Glass window

There are some edge cases where our windowing solution will position the Looking Glass window incorrectly. To circumvent these cases you can try manually specifying the window position. Open your assets tab and click "Create" you'll see there's an option for "Looking Glass" -> "Manual Preview Settings"
Once you've created the Hologram Camera Preview Settings you can check "Manual Position" and then modify the X and Y position. 0,0 is the bottom left of your main monitor. If your Looking Glass display is located to the right of an HD (1920x1080) monitor then the X and Y position would be 1920, 0. Since you're shifting it 1920 pixels to the right, and 0 pixels up or down. If your monitor is to the left of your main monitor, the X offset would be negative resolution of the looking glass display. For a Portrait, that would be -1536.
For support, join our Discord, email us at [email protected], or fill out our bug reporting form.