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2.0 Alpha

Welcome to the early access documentation for version 2.0 of our Unity Plugin! These docs will cover the new features that are being added to our Unity Plugin!
We're excited to share an alpha release of version 2.0 of our Unity plugin! This version has a bunch of new features we're excited for you to try out. If you run into any bugs, please fill out this form. If you have any feature requests or general feedback, please fill out this form.
Please note that this is an ALPHA release, the API is subject to change and this release is not recommended to be used in production environments. If you have an application that needs to be reliable you should use version 1.5.0 instead.


  • Unity 2020.3+ required.
  • Looking Glass Bridge v2.0.9 or newer
  • A Windows or (intel) Mac with a dedicated graphics card
Windows computers with discrete graphics cards like an RTX 3070 are strongly recommended.
Intel Macs will work. M1 Macs are not supported currently.​​
No support for the HDRP.

Tutorial Video

This walkthrough video shows you the latest features in the v2.0 release!

New Features!!!​​

New Depthiness Slider

We've added a new "depthiness" slider to the Looking Glass camera setup. You can now adjust the depth of your scene without changing other settings like the field of view or focus.​​

New Ways to Create Holographic Cameras

You can now turn normal Unity cameras into Looking Glass camera objects! There is also a new "camera" transform mode that sets the pivot of the Looking Glass camera to be the center of the camera array, and that allows you to animate the focal plane without moving the transform.

New Quilt Capture Settings

We've completely revamped the way to capture quilt images and videos! You can now take screenshots directly from the UI using the screenshot button on the Quilt Capture component.

New Blocks Integration!

Want to share your holograms on the internet? We've got you. We've added a integration directly to the Unity Plugin. You can go straight from the Unity editor to an uploaded hologram.

New Hologram Preview!

You can now preview Holograms directly in the unity editor without a Looking Glass Display connected, just like viewing blocks on​

New (Limited) URP support!

You can render URP scenes to quilt videos and to the new Hologram Preview component. URP scenes can't currently be rendered directly to the Looking Glass.

New Render Stacking!

You can now use quilts as background elements for your scenes, allowing you to "stack" holograms into multiple layers!

Known Issues

  • While paused, the Stop Recording button will save 0 frames.
  • Depthiness values other than exactly 1 causes depth clearing issues with Skybox clear flags.
  • Scenes do not have full lighting when they are built but not open — this is fixed in Unity 2022+.
  • Unity may crash if Looking Glass Bridge is not running.
  • Mac builds require a manual configuration
  • Intel Macs may show color splitting in the Preview window and builds
  • The hologram emulator requires additional optimization