Uploading, editing and sharing your holograms

Put your holograms on the internet! Share them with friends! The world needs more holographic cats! 😺
Looking Glass Blocks is currently in early access. Sign up here. For fast-track access to Blocks be sure to join our Discord server and take a look at the monthly challenges we run.
Currently, Blocks supports uploading quilt images, with planned support for more holograms in the future. There are a few tools we provide to help you make quilts. On this page we'll go over how to upload those quilts to blocks.

Getting started with uploading holograms

Once you have access to Blocks, click the Blue + icon in the top right of the site! You'll see a new modal window like this, click on the "Quilt" option.
Once you've done that, simply drag and drop your quilt onto the page, or click the "choose a file" option to manually navigate to your quilt image.
Once you're uploading your quilt, you'll see a progress bar and Blocks will start processing your hologram!

Editing your hologram settings

Now that your hologram has been uploaded you can edit the title, description, and other settings.
Make sure to give your block a great title and description. You can link to your portfolio or other sites in the description field as well.
If your quilt has the file name "qs#x#a#" format in the file name, Blocks will automatically parse the correct number of columns and rows. If Blocks was unable to parse this no worries, you can manually edit these values by going to the Settings tab.
The Settings tab gives you the option to adjust the columns, rows, views, and aspect ratio of the quilt.
The aspect ratio for the Looking Glass Portrait is 3/4 or 0.75. For the 16",32" and 65" displays the aspect ratio is 16/9 or 1.77
You'll notice in this particular example we're missing 3 views from the top right corner, to compensate for this we can adjust the Views parameter from 48, to 45. This will stop Blocks from sampling those regions of the quilt.

Sharing your holograms

Once you've got your hologram uploaded you can share it directly to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, or copy and paste the link to send to your friends!