3D Model Importer
(last updated March 2021, v1.2.0)
A 3D scanned model being viewed in the Looking Glass via 3D model importer
3D scanned model above downloaded from Sketchfab, created by omegadarling.
The 3D Model Importer allows you to view 3D models on your Looking Glass. It can load .gltf, .glb, and .obj files. It can also work with Leap Motion.
3D Model Importer requires HoloPlay Service and is Windows only.
Download the 3D Model Importer
    Guide - how to load and view a model
    Reference - application controls and settings for model, lighting, and quality


The 3D Model Importer has a growing list of features, including:
    Support for .obj, .gltf, and .glb file formats
    Intuitive camera controls (orbit, translate, zoom)
    Animation support for gltf / glb
    Modifiable lighting and textures
    3D cursor for precise pointing
    Slideshow presentation for multiple models


If you discover any issues please help us by reporting them on the GitHub Issues Page. Email us at [email protected] if you have any further questions about the 3D Model Importer.
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