Light Field Photosets
Light Field Photosets are folders of images, with each image being taken slightly horizontally offset from the last. For HoloPlay Studio to import a photoset, photos must be ordered (alphanumerically) from either right to left or left to right. As of HoloPlay Studio 1.0.4 you can switch the direction of the light field directly in HoloPlay Studio! Examples of Light Field Photosets are available below:​

Import into HoloPlay Studio

To import light field photosets into HoloPlay Studio you can:
  • Drag & Drop the first image of the photoset into HoloPlay Studio, then select the Light Field Photoset option.
  • Select the "Add Hologram" tab and click anywhere on the panel, this will open a file explorer window where you can select the first photo in the photoset that you want to import.

Editing with the Properties Panel

  • Focus changes which depth plane is in focus for the hologram
  • To pan and zoom, place your cursor in the Looking Glass Portrait window and scroll wheel to zoom, and click and drag to pan
  • Direction changes the order in which the frames are read. If your photoset looks like it's moving left to right as you view it, try changing the direction, it's possible that it's using the incorrect direction.