๐Ÿ”ฉCommunity Made Tools & Projects

Quick overview of community made tools & projects!

The Looking Glass community makes a ton of awesome tools, plugins and projects that while aren't officially supported by Looking Glass Factory, are totally awesome!! We've cataloged a few projects here.

Given that these are not official Looking Glass applications, we canโ€™t guarantee all of these community made tools will work with every platform on every Looking Glass. But they are awesome and if youโ€™ve questions, hop on Discord and chat with the creators themselves!

If you made a project that you'd like us to share here let us know and we'll add it! Send an email to Bryan@LookingGlassFactory.com!

If you like what you've seen here be sure to join the fun on discord! Folks are always posting fun things to do & new ways to use the Looking Glass!

Websites & Web Tooling

This category will highlight tools built using HoloPlayJS or HoloPlay CoreJS libraries, which allow users to have holograms directly on the web!

note: currently web tools require a browser like chrome or firefox, and do not work in safari.

StereoPhotoMaker & Web Viewers from Masuji Suto

Masuji Suto, creator of StereoPhotoMaker, has also made a series of web tools for importing various kinds of holographic media, including 180 degree photos, horizontal shift videos, 3D Models and more! You can check them out here! http://stereo.jpn.org/lkg/indexe.html

HoloPlay - p5.js allows you to use the P5.js library to create 3D visuals using 2D layers placed in 3D space. This web tool sends quilts directly to HoloPlay Service.

Holographic Earth allows you to view satellite data & locations directly from the web on your Looking Glass!

Touch designer is a web-based application commonly used for music visualization & graphics you can learn more about this on the github page.

Plugins & Template files

Godot is an open-source video game engine available completely for free & with no royalties! You can find instructions for settings up the HoloPlay plugin for Godot engine here: https://github.com/CaptainProton42/GodotHoloPlay

Cinema 4D Template file by Russ Etheridge

Russ Etheridge put together a tutorial and demo files for a camera rig in cinema 4D! You can follow along in the video above or download the demo files directly from here.

HoloPlay - R allows you to create quilts from data visualization graphs made in the R programming language.

Desktop Tools

GLSLViewer is a flexible console-base OpenGL Sandbox to display 2D/3D GLSL shaders without the need of an UI. GLSL viewer can output to quilt files or directly to Looking Glass Portrait systems.

Jan Kaiser's Projects

Jan's projects deserve a category unto themselves! Jan has made a ton of incredible Looking Glass tools, including ways to use a Looking Glass with an iOS device, using faceID data for holographic skype, playing Minecraft directly on the Looking Glass, and more! You can learn more about these tools on Jan's github page!

Desktop Apps (Windows)

HoloDesktop by Will T

HoloDesktop takes the contents of your screen and passes them through a neural network to output a 3D representation of them. It works excellent in YouTube and other video applications.

Reglass & Refract by Jared Bienz

Refract provides real-time holographic streaming for Looking Glass Portrait. When combined with ReGlass, Refract allows you to play more than 500 commercial games as moving holograms!

Written Articles ๐Ÿ“š

Paul Bourke - Capture methods for Looking Glass Portrait

Interested in the nitty gritty? Check out this in-depth walkthrough on capture methods for Looking Glass Portrait from Paul Bourke!

Jared Bienz - How the Looking Glass makes you see 3D

Want to learn more about how the Looking Glass works? Check out this article from Refract Author, Jared Bienz!

Join the fun on discord! ๐ŸŽ‰

If you liked what you've seen here be sure to join the fun on discord! Folks are always posting fun things to do & new ways to use the Looking Glass!

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