Note: MadeWith is no longer being actively developed.
Image of Madewith
Looking Glass Factory and the greater Looking Glass community have together created a wealth of holographic content for you to download and run in your Looking Glass.
MadeWith ( is a directory of holographic content compatible with the Looking Glass. It includes:
  • Quilt Images - images encoded as Quilts, a lightfield image format, that you can immediately view in your Looking Glass
  • HoloPlay.js Apps - web-based apps -- open and drag the window into your Looking Glass to run.
  • Desktop Apps - links to applications that you run from your computer once downloaded

MadeWith Viewing Instructions

Quilt Images

When you click the "Launch" button, the image will load up on the Looking Glass.
To close the quilt, browse away from the webpage (go back or close the browser), or move your mouse cursor into the Looking Glass monitor and click when you see the red X button.

HoloPlay.js Apps

When you click the "Launch" button, a new browser window will spawn. Drag this into your Looking Glass monitor, and maximize. Close the window to exit.

Desktop Apps

When you click on "Launch in Library", the application will open in your Library. If you do not have the library installed, you can download that here.