The Library

Note: Library is no longer being actively developed.
(updated Jan 2020, v0.7)
The Library manages your downloaded desktop applications. You can download directly from within the Library, or through the MadeWith site.
Note: the Library and the apps on the Library are only tested for Looking Glass 8.9" and 15.6" displays.


  • Dozens of free titles developed by Looking Glass and the community at large
  • Instant 3D previews for each title in your Looking Glass when you hover over a title
  • Ability to launch and manage apps directly from Library


You can Download Library from the following link: Windows MacOS

How to use

Hovering on or selecting different apps will give you a 3D preview of the app on your Looking Glass.
Main Screen
Whenever you launch an app, the Library will provide instructions on how to set your display settings. Do these steps in the order presented, as available screen resolutions change depending on which monitor is selected. Once that's done, press "Play!"

Personal Collection

The Library has a lot of apps, so we built in a way for you to bookmark the ones you like.
  • To add apps to your collection, click on the heart icon
  • To view your collection, click on "My Collection" in the top left
  • To persist your collection across multiple machines, log in or create an account by clicking "Account" in the top right of the screen