(v1.4 or later) Windows and Mac only.
There is currently a known issue where OSX builds export videos that are tinted blue. We are targeting a fix for version 1.4.2 of the plugin.
This script allows you to record a quilt video with or without a Looking Glass connected to your device.



Type: FFmpegPreset
Allows you to choose an FFmpeg encoding preset. VP8 is our recommended format.
Specific encoder settings can be found in FFmpegPreset.cs - we recommend against customizing these settings unless you are very familiar with encoders and FFmpeg.
Note H264Nvidia and HevcNvidia are Windows-only.


Type: string
The name of the recorded video file.
We add additional text at the end of the file name to specify details of the recording
You can preview the full file name in the Full name field in the inspector or access it with AutoCorrectPath via script. The auto-correction to the end of the final name is intended to work with HoloPlay Studio to automate the rendering process, and it also adds the correct extension based on the FFmpeg preset.
Note The format of the name of quilt videos should be [your video name]_qs[view colum]x[view row]a[aspect]. For example, a Looking Glass Portrait quilt video could be named "example_qs8x6a0.75.mp4". It will be read in HoloPlay Studio as a quilt video with 8 colums, 6 rows, and an aspect of 0.75. See more information on HoloPlay Studio here.


Type: int
Allows you to change the frame rate of the video.


Type: boolean
When true, the quilt settings specified in this script will overwrite the quiltPreset of HoloPlay instance while recording. When a recording is ended, the quilt preset of that HoloPlay instance will be set back to its origin. Allows you to have different rendering quilty at recording and non-recording period.


The settings that are used to overwrite the quilt settings of Holoplay instance.


Return the quilt settings that is applied on recording. It returns Holoplay Instance if isOverwrite is true; otherwise, it return overwriteQuiltSettings.


Type: float
The value that are used to overwrite the nearClipFactor of Holoplay instance.


Type: RecorderState
An enum value shows current state of the recorder. There are 3 states: NotRecording, Recording, Pausing.



Returns: void
Method to start recording. The output path will be AutoCorrectPath which is automatically generated based on outputPath.

StartRecordWithPath(string path)

return: void
Start a video recording that will be saved to a specific path.


Returns: void
End current recording.


Returns: void
Pause recording.


Returns: void
Resume recording.
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