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Exporting a Quilt Video with Sequencer

For creating videos with the Looking Glass display we’re going to use the Sequencer which is Unreal Engines built in cinematic editing tool.

1) Add a Level Sequence to your scene

On the toolbar above the Main Viewport in the editor your will find a button that looks like a movie clapper board. Press the down arrow next to it and select Add Level Sequence. This will spawn a Level Sequence in your scene.


2) Create a New Sequence

For information on how to use the sequencer you can visit the Unreal Engine docs page

If you want to move the camera just use the sequencer to change the location of your HoloPlayCapture Actor.

3) Open Render Movie Settings

Once you are ready to export you can select the Render button which will open the Render Movie Settings


4) Set the Proper Resolution

In the Render Movie Settings window under Resolution, click the dropdown and select Custom

Next, set the resolution of your Looking Glass Display.

  • 8.9" Looking Glass: 2560 x 1600
  • 15.6" Looking Glass: 3840 x 2160

5) Set to Render in Quilt Mode

In the toolbar above the viewport editor, click the down arrow next to the HoloPlay “Play” button. At the bottom of the menu make sure “Lock in main viewport” and “Play in Quilt Mode” are checked. This will output a video before each view is stacked, allowing exporting and sharing between different displays.


*Note: If you leave “Play in Quilt Mode” unchecked you will not be able to share or play the video on other Looking Glass Displays. Additionally, you will also need to make sure to uncheck the “Use Compression” check box in the “Render Movie Settings”.

6) Capture Movie

Set any other export settings as desired and click the “Capture Movie” button. This will output you movie to the specified location