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Depth Media Player

The Depth Media Player allows you to watch 3D photos and videos in your Looking Glass.

Installation and Setup

Download Depth Media Player

Note: the installer installes HoloPlay Service too.

Windows Setup

The Windows taskbar will default to be visible on the Looking Glass. To remove, right click on any taskbar, select "Taskbar Settings" and switch off "Show taskbar on all displays".

Supported Formats

Depth Media Player currently supports the following formats:

  • Depth map encoded images
  • iPhone photos with depth data
  • Depthkit video

Depth Map Encoded Images

Depth Media Player can play back photos that have depth data encoded into them. The accepted format must have:

  • 2D Image data in the top half of the image
  • A grayscale depth map in the bottom half of the image

Here's an example of a depth-map encoded image that would work:

depth encoded image

iPhone Photos with Depth Data

Moments 3D is the iPhone App that broadcasts iPhone photos with depth data to Depth Media Player to display on the Looking Glass. Click here for more information on how it works.

Depthkit Video

Depthkit is software that uses 3D capture hardware (such as Microsoft Kinect, Azure Kinect, or RealSense) to capture real world scenes as digital 3D imagery. This 3D imagery can be played back in the Looking Glass.

Click here for instructions on setting up Depthkit for Looking Glass.

Videos exported from Depthkit can be viewed in the Depth Media Player by selecting File -> Import Video, or simply dragging and dropping the video file into the playlist. Video files must be in the same directory as the meta data (.txt file) for the import to succeed. The filename of the meta data needs to be the same as video file.

Note: If a Depthkit Video file is moved after it is imported, the application will not be able to find it and it will need to be reimported.

Future Compatibility

Other formats that you can expect support for in the future include:

  • Quilts (photo & video)
  • Photo Stacks
  • Stereo imagery (photo & video)

If you have another format you'd like to see supported, please share with us on our forum.

Playing Media Content

To preview media, single click on an item in the playlist. An info panel will expand to show thumbnail and detailed information.

To view media in the Looking Glass, double click on an item in the playlist. An icon will appear next to it, indicating the current media that is being viewed.

To change your looping preference, click on the loop icon next to the media controls to cycle between the following:

  • No looping -- stops at end of playlist
  • Loop all -- loops the playlist
  • Loop one -- loops a single media asset

To rearrange playlist order, drag and drop items.

To rename or delete files, right click on an item.

Media Settings

The "Media Settings" menu allows you to adjust the imagery in your Looking Glass.

Adjustments to these settings are saved on a per-file basis and will automatically load whenever the same file is viewed again.

Rendering Settings


Changes which portion of the imagery is set to align in the Zero Parallax Plane. "0" focuses on the furthest part of the image and "1" focuses on the nearest.


Changes how dramatic the 3D effect is rendered. "0" is a flat image, and "1" is a dramatically depthy image.

Backdrop / Shadow (Depthkit videos only)

Toggle for showing a light beige background and casting shadow.


The distance of backdrop. "0" for nearest and "1" for furthest.


The angle of shadow. Negative values for light source to the left, and positive values for light source to the right.

Spike Filtering (Depthkit videos only)

Sometimes there is a sudden increase or decrease in depth values, causing visible "spikes" in the video. To remove those, use the following two sliders.

Spike Removal Threshold

How big of a spike should the renderer remove.

Sampling Radius

How refined the renderer defines a spike.


No Looking Glass found error / Unable to launch Depth Media Player


Do you have your Looking Glass plugged in? Check if the cables are connected properly.

Is the HoloPlay Service running? You can check if it is running by seeing the icon on Windows Taskbar or Mac menubar.

Mac Windows

If it is running, you can check if it's detecting your Looking Glass correctly by using the "Show Window" function in the dropdown. If there's no such option, or it says "no calibraiton", please restart it using the "Restart HoloPlay Service" function in the dropdown.

Debug window

If it is not running at all, please follow the instructions below to start it.


Try searching it in Spotlight search. Mac

If you can't find it, go to /Library/Application Support/Looking Glass Factory/HoloPlayService/ and double click on to launch the service.


Try seaching in Windows search bar. Windows

If you can't find it, go to C:/Program Files (x86)/Looking Glass Factory/HoloPlayService/ and double click HoloPlayService.exe to launch the service.

Framerate issues / Video plays slowly

For PCs with multiple GPUs, Depth Media Player will attempt to use the more powerful one, but sometimes it may choose the wrong one.

The following steps allow the app to choose the correct GPU.


  1. Right click on your desktop and open NVIDIA Control Panel img

  2. Click "Manage 3D settings"

  3. Go to "Program Settings"

  4. Click "Add" img

  5. Click "Browse" and navigate to the DepthMediaPlayer

  6. Change the preferred graphics processor to be "High-performance NVIDIA processor" img

  7. Click "Apply"


  1. Right click on the app icon and select “Get Info”

  2. Check the box next to "Prefer External GPU"


Image is Distorted

If you're having image quality issues, please ensure that HoloPlay Service is running correctly. Connect the Looking Glass to your computer, and visit the Testing Page to diagnose the issue. If it's running correctly, the page should show your Looking Glass Calibration String, which will look something like this:

  "buttons": {
  "calibration": {
    "DPI": {
      "value": 338

If the page reads "HoloPlay Service not detected", please make sure that you have HoloPlay Service installed and is running. HoloPlay Service should be automatically installed alongside with Depth Media Player.

To check if it is running, look for the Looking Glass icon on your Windows or Mac taskbar. Follow these steps to troubleshoot HoloPlay Service.

Further Support

For additional support, please visit the forum or our Discord.