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App Library

You can download the latest version of the App Library here.

sample scene

The App Library is intended to run off your computer alongside your Looking Glass giving you access to an ever-growing number of holographic applications and lightfield photos and videos. Mouse-over any application for an instant 3D preview in your Looking Glass. Download applications to launch them!

sample scene

Opening up any application card will give you additional information and options. When an application is launched, make sure to match the display configuration settings by following the instructions as listed in the App Library.


Here are a few highlights from the App Library that we love —

Froggo Animation (Leap Interaction)


Smash the Met (Leap Interaction)

Smash The Met

Squishy Squad Collection (Leap Interaction)

Squishy Squad

3DR Drone Scans (provided by our friends at 3D Robotics)

3DR Drone Scans

That’s not all! This is just a small sampling of the dozens of applications in development, more in the App Library itself! Button controls vary within each application and these are clearly marked out within the Instruction section of the App Library cards.

Ready to develop your own Looking Glass application? Head over to the HoloPlay SDK for Unity Getting Started Guide or the 3D Model and Animation Importer Getting Started Guide.